The Team

The overall team will be divided into three groups of 8;

Red Group

Green Group

Blue Group


Each group will comprise 2 teams of 4 (shown below) and will have the ability to act independently once they have been landed on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The final team of 24 has now been selected and are conducting mission specific training prior to deployment.

The breakdown is shown in the diagram below:

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  Team 1: 
Expedition Leader    
Fletcher Exped Leader Simpson Allsopp
  Team 2:      
Carrotte Brant Milligan Thorpe

  Team 3: 
Quinn Mason Davis Stubbs
  Team 4:      
Marshall Tristram Mitchell Ratcliff

  Team 5: 
Riley Dep'ty Leader Densham Stedham
  Team 6:      
Stemp Butterworth Marsh Hornby

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