Radio 5 Live interview with Lt Rob Tristram (Green Team)

'Lt Rob Tristram (Green Team) was interviewed by Radio 5 Live last night - Up All Night programme - you can listen again on this link (52.25 minutes into the clip).

1SL Message to the British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012

'On this centennial anniversary of Sir Captain Scott’s last expedition to the Antarctic, I send my congratulations to the British Services Antarctic Expedition team on your achievements so far and my best wishes for your forthcoming exploratory and scientific phases of this fine initiative.

I have every confidence that as you cross the wilderness of the Avery Plateau and ascend some of the unclimbed mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula, so you will all, in the spirit of Scott, rise to the challenges of such human endeavour. Your ability to adapt to your environment, your courage to overcome adversity and your belief in your capacity to fulfil your ambitions are at the heart of what the British Armed Forces is all about.

To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.'

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC
First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff
Royal Navy Patron for the British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012

Help for Heroes send the team a message of support

' Everyone at Help for Heroes wishes you all the best for your fantastic Antarctic challenge !!
H4H is all about ‘doing your bit’ and this challenge is a wonderful example of people having an amazing idea, rallying support and having a great experience while they raise money for a wonderful cause. We have been able to use the 120 million raised in just four years, to provide practical and direct support to those wounded in the current conflicts. The money that is being raised is needed it and it is hugely appreciated. The BSAE Team are a part of something that is very British and wonderful and we would all like to say thank you for this and every other fund raising event that it inspires.  
All the very best'   . .
everyone at Help for Heroes

Scott family wish BSAE2012 an 'adventurous time'

' With only two weeks until the advanced party leaves, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all an adventurous time.   The painted hall fundraiser appeared to be a great success.'   . . Stephanie Scott

BSAE2012 discuss the Frozen Planet with Sir David Attenborough

Lt Cdr Paul Hart, the expedition Deputy Leader and Major Jez Stemp (Blue Team 2) met with Sir David Attenborough to discuss the impact of climate change in the Antarctic Peninsula region. 

Sir David’s Frozen Planet series, which has captivated the British viewing audience, culminates on 7th December 2011 when Sir David will concentrate specifically on the impact that climate change is having on the Antarctic Peninsula.  The BSAE team will be undertaking cutting edge research into the reasons behind these changes and how climate has varied in the Peninsula, including the extent of sea ice change.  In what was a frank and mutually supportive exchange of views, Sir David was surprised to find the level of risk the team are exposing themselves to, in order to achieve their scientific objectives.  Sir David was at pains to point out the need for all generations to ‘re-connect’ with the environment and realise that there is a direct consequence of humanities activities on the planet.  In this context, he was pleased to see that the British Services Antarctic Expedition is intending to contribute to the wealth of human knowledge and exploration much as Scott’s expedition did 100 years ago.  Sir David wished all members of the BSAE team safe fortune and expressed support for the scientific and exploration aims of the expedition.  After the meeting, Paul Hart said, “it was a great privilege to meet with Sir David today and we will extend every effort to ensure his support and endorsement of our expedition is fully vindicated.  Since we began this expedition programme the team members have fully grasped how important our science objectives are to the science community and, perhaps more importantly, we have all realised that what we are doing here in our personal lives has a direct effect on the ecology of the Peninsula 9000miles away."

Dan Snow Comments on the BSAE2012 

The British celebrity historian Dan Snow has recorded his support for the British Services Expedition with the following quote sent to the expedition on the eve of their commemoration of Captain Scott at the Painted Hall, Greenwich on 3rd December 2011 . . .

Contrary to what many think there are still blank spaces on the map, wildernesses that have never been explored, species of flora and fauna yet to be documented and global weather patterns yet to be properly deciphered. That is why this project, like the Scott expedition that inspired it, is so important. Every time brave men and women have set out into hostile terrain, the rest of us have learned something about our planet, our environment and our humanity.’     . . Dan Snow

Memorandum of Understanding with the BAS

BSAE 2012 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the BAS in Cambridge on 24 Nov 11.  The BSAE team gave a presentation to the scientists of the BAS where their scientific programme and objectives were scrutinised. Extensive questioning allowed the BSAE team to confirm their understanding of the higher level goals and activities which their science data would underpin. Martin Densham provided an overview of how the various projects that the BSAE team will attempt to achieve will be coordinated (further details can be found here ).
Meanwhile, the expedition leader Paul Edwards signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chief Executive of the BAS, Mr Nick Owens, to confirm the arrangements between the two organisations..

Follow the BSAE2012 in the Daily Telegraph and on their website

There will be a Telegraph Newspaper Article in the Weekend Section on 10th December 2011, so check it out.  Also, they will be following our progress and will be putting updates onto their website about the expedition.  The Telegraph website can be found . . . here.  

See us at the London Ski and Snowboard show 19-23 Oct 11

BSAE 2012 will be at the London Ski and Snowboard show from Wed 19th to Sun 23 Oct 11 where we will be giving people the chance to pull and pull (a sled perhaps) and raising money for H4H.  Check out the event website . . . here.  

Scott's 100th Birthday is celebrated in Plymouth by members of BSAE2012 and ISCE2012.

Members of the BSAE team alongside Captain Tom Coker of the Royal Dragoon Guards who has joined the International Scott Centenary Expedition 2012. Tom is representing the Captain Titus Oates connection as a member of Oates’s Regiment.
Lt Rob Fletcher RN, Maj Al Mason ETS, Lt Cdr Paul Hart RN, Captain Tom Coker RDG (ISCE), Lt Simon Hornby RN

The event was the launch of the Scott 100th Birthday celebrations in Plymouth that will culminate in a Dinner on 6th June (Scott’s Birthday) in HMS DRAKE.

Unveiling of the Antarctic Monument at the Scott Polar Research Institute

The Antarctic Monument is a memorial to polar explorers and scientists who died in Antarctica and was unveiled in the gardens of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge on 12 May 2011.

The occasion was attended by several members of the BSAE 2012 team and more information about the unveiling can be found here.

British Services Antarctica Expedition and International Scott Centenary Expedition Join Forces

The International Scott Centenary Expedition (ISCE) and the British Services Antarctica Expedition (BSAE) have now joined forces and are working as interlinked and mutually supportive expeditions. 

It is our intention to work together to promote the ideals, values and ethos of Scott’s 1910-1913 expedition. We will do this by linking our science and education activities through our outreach programmes to inform and educate the British public about the Polar regions and the factors influencing them.  We will seek to operate in the ‘Spirit of Scott’ and further the bounds of human exploration and knowledge in an ecological and ethical manner.  We will also seek to celebrate the 100th Anniversary event of Scott and his team reaching the South Pole and commemorate their tragic deaths on their return journey.

For further details about the ISCE go to
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Admiral Joins the British Services Antarctica Expedition 2012

The BSAE2012 are delighted to welcome Rear Admiral Lionel Jarvis to the expedition team as the Science Patron. Admiral Jarvis will oversee the full range of science projects that the expedition will undertake and will vet their validity and value.  Admiral Jarvis is a distinguished character with a renowned reputation across several different scientific areas.  He is involved in government level considerations of the possible effects and impacts of global climate change and their possible outcomes on national security.

To read more about Admiral Jarvis see:
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