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Chile to Antarctica - Thu 5 Jan 2012
They've travelled from Heathrow 8,300 miles south to the very bottom of South America, to Puerto Williams, a town of barely two thousand people. From there they'll sail to the Antarctic Peninsula. It's to mark the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott's polar journey. 
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Dinner then Pole - Wed Dec 14 2011 
It was exactly one hundred years ago - on the 14th of December 1911 - that Norwegian Roald Amundsen arrived at the South Pole ... 35 days before Captain Scott's party. Yes, 100 years today! Incredible. Well, it's been three years in the planning and, now, our Armed Forces team from the South is just days away from an expedition to Antarctica, the coldest place on earth. 
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Final preparations for Antarctic trek - Thu Nov 24 2011 
It's now just a month before our team from the South travels to Antarctica. The 24 men and women from the armed forces will be carrying out scientific work to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott's expedition.
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In Scott's Foots - New trip to South Pole - Tue Nov 1 2011 
For the last century Captain Scott has been remembered as the man who came second, but the race to the South Pole has overshadowed the scientific achievements of his expedition. His team set off on 1st November 1911, a hundred years ago and now a team made up of servicemen from the Meridian region are preparing to travel to Antarctica.
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The Times
Remember, Scott put science before the pole' - Oct 18 2011
An article by Ben Macintyre on Scott's scientific achievements was reinforced by a published letter response from Lt Cdr Paul Hart.  Both can be found:
Article 18 Oct . . . here
Letter to the Times 19 Oct . . . here

South Pole Science - Global warming effects - Thu Oct 6 2011 
In a few months time an expedition made up from the armed forces in our region are travelling South to carry out scientific experiments in previously unexplored areas. Working with the University of Portsmouth they'll be trying to discover more about the effects of global warming.
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Wales Online
Welsh Army captain to plot new routes through the Antarctic - Sep 19 2011
An Army Captain is to follow in the spirit of Captain Scott’s epic adventures by exploring uncharted areas of the Antarctic. Julian 'Mitch' Mitchell, 34, from Pembroke, will form part of a 24-strong contingent to take part in the British Services Antarctic Expedition (BSAE) 2012. Read more  . . . here

In Scott's Footsteps - Wed Sep 14 2011 
Antarctica remains one of the last unexplored places on earth but a team of 24 men and women from our region's army, navy and air force are preparing to travel across areas never before attempted.   Nick Harper follows the team. Watch the story  . . . here

Great Scott - BSAE 2012 Preparations - Fri Aug 12 2011 
Each month, Meridian West news will follow the progress of the BSAE as they get ready for departure in December. Nick Harper has filmed exclusively at the training camp in Switzerland. Watch the story  . . . here

The Telegraph
Scott Centenary: Midwinter's day goes 'Pop'! - 28 Jul 11 . . . here

RAF Mountaineering - Classic Boat
Captain Oates’ Saunterer returns to help heroes - Jul 11 . . . here

JMC Heads-up News
Terra Nova Expedition Centenary Issue: 38 - Jul 11 . . . here

100 years after Scott - Thu Jun 23 2011
An expedition to the Antarctic will take place next year to mark the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott reaching the South Pole . . . here


Journey to South Pole - Thu Jun 23 2011
Interview with Surgeon Rear Admiral Lionel Jarvis & Lt Cdr Paul Hart . . . here
BBC Website
Scott descendants mark famous dinner 100 years on - 23 Jun 11 . . . here

Daily Telegraph

The explorers who went with Scott of the Antarctic - 24 Jun 11 . . . here
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